Virtual Workshops

Virtual Attendees Have Access to 10 Virtual Workshops on the Whova Platform

This year, we’ll have 10 in-person and 10 virtual workshops. Attendees will learn from industry professionals on leadership, career coaching, best practices for entrepreneurs and more! If you’re joining us at Mechanics Bank Arena, you will have the option to join two workshops on Conference Day. If you’re joining us virtually, you will have access to 10 virtual workshops that you may join at any time.

All attendees, whether in person or virtual, will have access to the 10 virtual workshops for 6 months after the conference.

Belle Walker | Belleview Consulting 

Manage Like an Engineer (Seriously!)

We’ve come a long way from Scientific Management! Recognizing people as individuals rather than automatons has dramatically improved employee engagement and satisfaction. But modern management rhetoric now implies that technical skills are meaningless in a leadership context. In reality, these skills can often be applied directly to managerial challenges and actually encourage a focus on individuality and humanity. Join me for a review of several engineering concepts in their original, technical context and when applied to leadership challenges to create more effective, highly engaged teams.

Mernie Mendoza | WealthWave: The How Money Works Company

Let’s Talk About Money

What every woman must know about finances that will empower her to make better financial decisions. This presentation focuses on the unique money challenges faced by women and offer solutions for various situations.

Natasha Felkins |  Bitwise Industries

Elevating Individuals Through Technology

In this presentation Natasha will discuss how you can explore the technology industry in a city that is not known for technology. Natasha will discuss the barriers that hinder people in underserved communities from pursuing their career goals like money, transportation or childcare and how they can overcome them.

Melinda Wells | Melyan Group

Reframe Resistance: Breaking Through the Human Firewall

What if everything you learned about resistance was wrong? Navigating change is not easy. It can appear as though you are fighting it every step of the way. Resistance to change manifests itself in many ways, from naysayers to sabotage to outright rebellion! But what if resistance was the key to accepting a new norm? Embracing resistance is not only a competitive advantage but a significant part of personal growth. Join me as we reframe resistance and learn how to effectively embrace the jerk.

Genora McClanahan | It’s Because of Love LLC

Roots to Wings – A Deinstitutionalization Training

Roots to Wings focuses on Coaching and Mentoring those in transition from short term structured living. Initializing self-esteem building and basic life skills training for individuals who need the tools to choose and maintain the best life, learning of self, becoming stronger nurturing family community living a more enriched and empowered life. The emphasis of “Deinstitutionalization” is represented by the discharge of institutionalized individuals from various institutional programs, i.e., Half-way houses, Foster Care Youth, Prisons, and other community-based programs.

Emma Grimes |

16 Minutes to Awesome Yourself

Are you ready to elevate yourself? Are you ready to take the next step to give yourself the skills it will take to make you stand out and stand above your competitors? I will teach you how to leverage all of the goodness inside of you to elevate your persona in any situation. This speech is specifically designed to help women unlock the secrets to self-marketing through an “Awesome List.”

Genein Letford | CAFFE Strategies, LLC

Intercultural Creativity for Leadership: The Ace Up Your Sleeve for the Future of Work

Creative thinking is now the #1 skill needed in our workforce. This is a VUCA environment. So increasing the creative thinking skills on your teams and in HR is no longer a luxury, it’s now required. But creativity can’t thrive unless there is a culture of inclusion, belonging and psychological safety. This interactive session combines intercultural development, which is a key tool needed for inclusion, with a methodology that cultivates and expands creative thinking. We show you how to integrate this into your culture.

Laurie Wallace, Scott Laurente, & Sean Kenny | Dignity Health

Wellness While Working From Home

Whether you’re working from home for the first time in your career, or you’ve been a stay-at-home staffer for years, managing your work-life balance has never been more important. In this session, our panel of Dignity Health experts share ways to create a home office that supports physical and mental health, meal plans that keep you fueled and alert, and tips to getting restorative sleep.

Kristen Dakers | Aera Energy

How to Become A Leader In A Male-Dominated Industry

This presentation will share tips and tools for new leaders on their leadership journey. There will also be a panelist segment at the end with 6 Aera leaders who will be discussing some exciting points about becoming a leader in a male-dominated industry.