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Planning for BWBC 2021 is well under way and continued community support is highly valued and much appreciated. From its inception, the BWBC has been a platform for women to help grow their businesses and improve their personal and professional lives. We provide a setting for information sharing, skills development, and personal growth that brings enrichment to the lives of all attendees.

Our theme for BWBC 2021 is “Building the Best You!” For many of us, we constantly search for ways to improve ourselves, and our lives. “Improvement” may mean different things to different people and varies based on the stage of life you are in. Improvement for one may mean attending a professional development conference while for some else it could mean improving their health or pursuing a new career.

In that spirit, the BWBC 2021 will provide a wide range of tools to Build the Best You. From workshop sessions to networking opportunities, BWBC doesn’t just offer knowledge in numerous forms to empower our local community, it also provides a venue for attendees to interact with each other and share their own experiences and insights.

Over the last 30 years, the BWBC has provided the opportunity for thousands of women to come together for an enriching and powerful day to learn, encourage, enlighten, and inspire. It has brought together women from all walks of life to network in a positive environment where all are seeking a common goal: to better themselves, and to improve their personal and professional lives.

The Executive Board of the BWBC would like to thank you for your consideration in supporting our efforts to build community through the conference and instilling a sense of growth, excitement, and opportunity in all attendees. We look forward to working with you both now and in the future!



Marelle Williams, 2021 Chair BWBC

For questions please contact us at (661)378-4707 or email