Norma T. Hollis

Blueprint for Living an Authentic Life

Norma T. Hollis

Presentation Summary: People are frequently advised to ‘be authentic’ as the solution to challenges they face. In this session you will gain depth, complexity and content to what it means to be authentic. Take the Authenticity Assessment and learn new ways to understand yourself and others. Leave inspired to tweak just one thing to create a more authentic life, and a blueprint to use as a self-coaching tool.

Key Learning Points:
1) Understand the nine dimensions that represent personal authenticity.
2) Discover which of the nine dimensions are your strength and your vulnerability.
3) Learn how to use the information learned to create a more engaging environment at home and work.

Employer Return on Investment:
1) Improved leadership skills which result from gaining a deeper level of self-awareness, a primary requirement for authentic leadership. Leaders will have a guideline from which to improve leadership of self and team.
2) Increased spirit of collaboration. As team members, learn new perspectives about self, they gain greater tolerance of appreciation of team members.
3) Inspired employees. The process of self-examination inspires people to identify one thing to create a more balanced life, and put that one thing in action.