Noelia Sanchez

On the Way to What You Want: Master the Science of Negotiations

Presentation Summary:  We all negotiate -- from job interviews, to client meetings, to choosing a restaurant for dinner with friends, everyone can benefit from understanding the dynamics of effective negotiations. Once you master the strategic communication tools presented in this workshop, you'll find new ways to pitch your ideas with success, win more deals, and resolve more problems with confidence.

Key Learning Points:
1) Learn to boost your credibility and better articulate your value.
2) Gain self-management techniques for navigating self-doubt and fear in negotiating.
3) Achieve a deeper level of rapport and trust by leveraging nonverbal communication.

Employer Return on Investment:
1) More confident team members that are able to lead successful negotiations more effectively.
2) A team that is is able to better problem-solve and move quickly towards solutions for complex problems.
3) Stronger, more meaningful relationships among team members and clients.