Goli Ameri

Make Your Business a Success!

Presentation Summary: The good news is women now own 41% of existing businesses and launch 53% of new ones. The bad news is that 80% of startups fail after 18 months. Even those that survive and even hire employees, 50% shut their doors after 5 years. A caring mentor and easy to understand business tools, turn these gloomy stats around and increase success rates by up to 70%. StartItUp is a mobile app that connects entrepreneurs with experienced mentors supplemented by everything you need to launch, manage or grow your business in an engaging self-explanatory way. Come and learn about the what it takes to grow a successful business.

Key Learning Points:
1) Are you ready to be an entrepreneur?
2) How to avoid the mistakes most businesses make?
3) What does it take to launch or grow a successful business?

Employer Return on Investment:
1) Employees will understand their entrepreneurial skills even if they work in a corporate environment?
2) Employees will become familiar with the entrepreneurial ecosystem developing in Kern County.
3) Employees will network with existing and potential entreprenuers.