Dignity Health: Lee, Tambar and Tammela

No Ugly Paper Gowns:  A Candid Conversation About Women's Health Issues without Getting Undressed!

Presentation Summary:   Think of it as a free doctor’s visit where you can learn about everything from breast to bladder health from our panel of Dignity Health and CBCC experts. Get off Google and get real with REAL specialists in women’s health care. With a Q&A at the end, get ready to ask those embarrassing or sensitive questions. We promise…the person sitting next to you wants to know too!

Key Learning Points:
1) CBCC Breast Surgeon Dr. Stuti Tambar discusses what you need to know about abnormal mammograms, biopsies, the importance of knowing your family history, hormone replacement and menopause, and much more..
2) What is a gynecological oncologist and how could seeing one save your life? Dr. Jonathan Tammela with CBCC answers that question plus learn about the latest treatment options for gynecologic cancers including robotic surgery.
3) You don’t have to live with bladder control or pelvic health problems. Urogynecologist Dr. Justin Lee is with Dignity Health’s Women’s Center and has solutions for these very common conditions. Learn about the latest surgical and non-surgical options.

Employer Return on Investment:
1) Attendees will be better informed about women's health issues and treatment options.