Brandon Peele

The Science of Purpose

Presentation Summary: Did you know that discovering your purpose is the key to a high-performing career, vitality and a fulfilling love life?  Brandon Peele, author of Planet on Purpose (2018), and co-author of of Purpose Rising (2017) and The PURPOSE Activation Blueprint (2015), will share with you the latest research on purpose from institutions such as Harvard and Stanford.  Brandon will also lead you through an exercise to reveal a new aspect of your purpose and how to apply it in your career.

Key Learning Points:
1) Purpose is the key to a career of impact, prosperity and fulfillment.
2) Participants will discover a new aspect of their purpose.
3) Participants will see how to apply their purpose in their careers.

Employer Return on Investment:
1) Purpose-driven employees are 63% more effective as leaders.
2) Purpose-driven employees are 4 times as likely to be engaged at work.
3) Purpose-driven companies out-perform the market 15-to-1 and their peers 12-to-1.