2019 Workshops

A-1:  Get a Competitive Edge in Interviewing!

Emma Grimes

Presentation Summary:  Learn how to get a competitive edge on interviews through effective communication. Gain confidence to make you stand out in a crowd. Communicate authority and relieve speaking related stress. Ace the interview by being an awesome you!

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A-2: Get Smart About Credit – Establishing and Managing Credit

Wells Fargo Bankers

Presentation Summary: Wells Fargo bankers provide tips and resources for establishing, maintaining and repairing credit.

Key Learning Points:
1) Understanding your credit profile.
2) Establishing or restoring credit.
3) Ten tips for credit card use.

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A-3:  Transform Your Brain to Dream Your Vision

Dr. Lauren Patterson

Presentation Summary: Positive Imagination Vs. Negative Imagination – Learn to STOP painting a negative future based on today’s circumstances. TRANSFORM your BRAIN to DREAM the impossible. TRAIN your BODY to BEHAVE according to your dreams!

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A-4:  Become the Leader You Wish to Be!

Nikki Henry

Presentation Summary:  Have you ever had that boss that you just could NOT believe was promoted to a leadership role? Every time they called a meeting there was a collective groan across the office? DON’T BE THAT BOSS. In this workshop, we’re going to do the nitty-gritty work on how YOU can be the leader you always wished you’d had. We’ll work on communicating effectively, setting clear expectations, motivating others, and building the right team vibe.

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A-5:  No Ugly Paper Gowns!

Dignity Doctors

Presentation Summary:  Think of it as a free doctor’s visit where you can learn about everything from breast to bladder health from our panel of Dignity Health and CBCC experts. Get off Google and get real with REAL specialists in women’s health care. With a Q&A at the end, get ready to ask those embarrassing or sensitive questions. We promise…the person sitting next to you wants to know too!

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A-6:  Find Balance:  Fit Health and Wellness into Your Schedule!

Heather Moreno

Presentation Summary: Learn how to make health and wellness a priority so you can achieve your most important objectives both personally and professionally.

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A-7:  Do It Afraid: Conquer Your Fears by Learning to Embrace Them

Adrianne Hillman

Presentation Summary: Do It Afraid®: We are being dishonest with ourselves when we substitute the word FEARLESS for the word COURAGEOUS. If we are truly doing hard things which require courage, then fear is inevitably part of the process. During this workshop, attendees will learn how to identify their deepest fears, then learn to harness those fears to move forward in the areas of their lives where they are stuck. Each attendee will receive the tools necessary make decisions with confidence.

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A-8:  Build a Successful Career and Personal Life

Colleen Hauk

Presentation Summary:  A high rate of women in business suffer due to the challenges of balancing career and personal life. After suffering her own breaking point, Colleen Hauk transformed her circumstances and developed successful methods for a happy, healthy and balanced life. She uses her experience, research and proven strategies to empower high-performers to learn how to live the ‘and’ life – have a successful career while maintaining a fulfilling personal life.

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A-9: Make Your Business a Success!

Goli Ameri

Presentation Summary:  The good news is women now own 41% of existing businesses and launch 53% of new ones. The bad news is that 80% of startups fail after 18 months. Even those that survive and even hire employees, 50% shut their doors after 5 years. A caring mentor and easy to understand business tools, turn these gloomy stats around and increase success rates by up to 70%. StartItUp is a mobile app that connects entrepreneurs with experienced mentors supplemented by everything you need to launch, manage or grow your business in an engaging self-explanatory way. You will learn about the what it takes to grow a successful business  and hear how the Start It Up application is helping  Bakersfield College faculty,  assist students in becoming entrepreneurs and about the community partnerships working to make this available to more local entrepreneurs.

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A-10:  Individual Consultation

Presentation Summary:  Meet one-on-one for 15-20 minutes with a professional business consultant focusing on your individual career goals.

A-11:  Small Business Consultation

Presentation Summary:  Meet one-on-one for 15-20 minutes with a professional business consultant focusing on your small business goals.

B-1:  The Power Of Your Story

Tiffany Largie

Presentation Summary:  How I Built A Seven Figure Business without an Online Funnel.

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B-2:  Mental Health: Staying Sane in an Insane World

Kiaundra Jackson

Presentation Summary: Ignoring your mental health is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in life. The price you will pay for ignoring your mental health will not only affect you, but all of your loved ones too. In this informative and practical talk, you will learn how to achieve an optimal state of mental health so you can have the tools to tackle any of life’s curve balls.

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B-3:  Improving Female Fertility through Minimally Invasive Techniques presented by Adventist Health

Adventist Doctors: Dansby and Paul

Presentation Summary:  More options are available today than ever before to treat specific health concerns for women, including infertility. At Adventist Health Bakersfield Interventional Radiology, we are committed to educating the women in our community about all  the options available to treat uterine fibroids, pelvic congestion syndrome and blocked fallopian tubes. Utilizing minimally-invasive techniques, women now have more treatment alternatives to traditional, invasive surgical techniques. Join us to learn about the options in this informative session with our board-certified interventional radiologists.

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B-4:  Get to the Next Level!

Camille McKinney

Presentation Summary:  Professional women are masters at juggling priorities and fending off chaos. With everything on your plate, it’s understandable that sometimes you lose focus. Being proactive, you try new organization apps, delegating, and more to-do lists. But, the chaos continues…

To get to the next level, you’ve got to stop looking for outward solutions and instead take a radically different approach: tapping into your Emotional Intelligence

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B-5:  The Successful Mindset

Galit Ventura-Rozen

Presentation Summary: Have you ever wondered what it truly takes to be successful? You can be taught the tools, but without the mindset to match, those tools are useless. Galit will be covering the steps every woman must know and live to have a successful mindset. You can have all the tools, structure, and guidance in the world and still not have the mindset to be a successful woman. The most successful women learn certain characteristics to have the mindset to match their desires.

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B-6:  Walk a Mile in Her Boots!

Women In Energy panel

Presentation Summary:Understand the roles women play in the production of oil in Kern County and the many opportunities available to women in the oil industry. Hear presenters from Aera Energy, California Resource Corporation, and Berry Petroleum talk about these opportunities and about their personal career journeys in the energy sector.

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B-7:  Making Your Money Last

Sarah Santana

Presentation Summary:  This workshop will provide you with considerations/trade-offs when developing a retirement strategy — working longer, spending less and delaying social security are options. But are they right for you? We will cover ways to plan for the expected and unexpected expenses along with tax strategies you can implement immediately. If you’re looking to become a savvy investor, this workshop is for you!

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B-8:  Master the Science of Negotiations

Noelia Sanchez

Presentation Summary:  We all negotiate — from job interviews, to client meetings, to choosing a restaurant for dinner with friends, everyone can benefit from understanding the dynamics of effective negotiations. Once you master the strategic communication tools presented in this workshop, you’ll find new ways to pitch your ideas with success, win more deals, and resolve more problems with confidence.

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B-9: Communication and Women: The Habits, Traps, and Benefits

Andrea D. Thorson

Presentation Summary: A history of oppression has led women into a workplace with a communication system that was not initially made for them nor easily accepting of them. While unveiling the communication traps that have been strategically set for us, this presentation will explore common female communication habits and provide useful alternatives. The presentation will also focus on the unique beauty and power that exists in female communication and how it can serve to benefit all.

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B-10:  Individual Consultation

Presentation Summary:  Meet one-on-one for 15-20 minutes with a professional business consultant focusing on your individual career goals.




B-11:  Small Business Consultation

Presentation Summary:  Meet one-on-one for 15-20 minutes with a professional business consultant focusing on your small business goals.

C-1:  The Science of Purpose:  Key to High Performance

Brandon Peele

Presentation Summary: Did you know that discovering your purpose is the key to a high-performing career, vitality and a fulfilling love life?  Brandon Peele, author of Planet on Purpose (2018), and co-author of of Purpose Rising (2017) and The PURPOSE Activation Blueprint (2015), will share with you the latest research on purpose from institutions such as Harvard and Stanford.  Brandon will also lead you through an exercise to reveal a new aspect of your purpose and how to apply it in your career.

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C-2:  Self-Defense and Situational Awareness

Roosevelt Scott, Jr.

Presentation Summary:  Participants will learn how to avoid being attacked and how to be prepared to defend themselves should an attack occur.

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C-3:  A Woman’s Guide to Staying Fit and Injury-Free at All Ages presented by Adventist Health

Dr. Aniebiet-Abasi Udofia

Presentation Summary:  Sports and fitness injuries are on the rise in this country for a variety of factors. In this seminar from Adventist Health Bakersfield you will learn about some of the most common injuries that women suffer, from high school athletes to weekend warriors. You will also learn about the latest treatment options for arthritis. Dr. Aniebiet-Abasi Udofia is the only female orthopedic surgeon in Kern County. She received her sports medicine fellowship at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic Orthopedic and Rheumatologic Institute.

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C-4:  The Powerful Woman’s Paradox: How to Claim Your Own Power Without Getting in Your Way

Rae Majors-Wildman

Presentation Summary:  Women are having a moment. Now is the time to seize it! There is no time like the present where women are given the opportunity to lean in, and rise. Too many women will fail to capitalize and step through these newly opened doors because of their internal barriers. This talk is designed to help women professionals, executives and entrepreneurs break through the barriers that are keeping them from achieving massive success.

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C-5:  The Hidden Power of Forgiveness

Dr. Deborah Ormonde

Presentation Summary: “When we harbor negative emotions toward others or toward ourselves, or when we intentionally create pain for others, we poison our own physical systems. By far, the strongest poison to the human spirit is the inability to forgive oneself or another person. Forgiveness refers to the actor, not the act. Not to the offense, but the woundedness of the offender. Forgiveness is a paradigm-shifting solution for transforming anger. Forgiveness does more for you than anyone else because it liberates you from negativity and lets you move forward.”

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C-6:  Communicate Your Value in Less Than 30 Seconds

Mary Cravets

Presentation Summary: What happens when a potential client asks you, “So… what you do?” If you’re like most business owners, you may start frantically thinking you need to explain how your business works.  You want to create interest in the person you’re speaking with AND communicate your value so they’re willing to pay you what you’re worth.  That’s a LOT of pressure. But there IS a better way. What if you could communicate the value of what you do quickly, concisely, and confidently?

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C-7:  Blueprint for Living an Authentic Life

Norma T. Hollis

Presentation Summary: People are frequently advised to ‘be authentic’ as the solution to challenges they face. In this session you will gain depth, complexity and content to what it means to be authentic. Take the Authenticity Assessment and learn new ways to understand yourself and others. Leave inspired to tweak just one thing to create a more authentic life, and a blueprint to use as a self-coaching tool.

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C-8: Is it too Late to Make a Meaningful Career Change

Robin Mangarin-Scott

Presentation Summary: After an award-winning 25-year career in broadcast news, Robin Mangarin-Scott changed the channel with a new career in healthcare. Find out what inspired Robin to leave a successful job and take a leap of faith into a whole new field, finding success and fulfillment on the other side. This interactive presentation will unlock the hidden skills and passions that could lead to your next career.

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C-9:  Create Financial Peace to Fulfill Your Goals presented by Kern Schools Federal Credit Union; Blaise, Fabbri and Shearson

Blaise, Fabbri and Shearson

Presentation Summary:   Learn how to build a household budget that will bring you peace.

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