Welcome interested Sponsor!

It is hard to believe that the time is upon us to begin planning for the Bakersfield Women’s Business Conference (BWBC), and we are excited to be celebrating 30 years.  The BWBC has benefitted from strong community support and we are once again reaching out to our partners to ensure that this key community event continues to inspire and grow.  Attached you will find a package that fully provides information about our conference, our mission, our history and the wonderful opportunities available for you to be involved.

This conference provides a one of a kind forum for women who are seeking information for their business, professional or personal development.  This powerful day is structured with women in mind, and is designed to provide information, skills development and encouragement for women at a crossroads who may be seeking higher education, first time employment, making a career change or looking to advance their careers.

You have the opportunity to be a key partner is countless attendees’ development!

The theme for the 2019 Conference, “Believe in the Power of YOU!” will challenge our attendees to step into their purpose.  For many entrepreneurs, students, or those looking for career change, the biggest obstacle in life can be your own perceptions.  Letting go of fear and what ifs can be as liberating as it is paralyzing.  Believing in your abilities and the strength we hold within can unleash anyone’s potential.  

The Bakersfield Women’s Business Conference was founded in 1989 by a group of professional women and R.O.S.E. (Realizing Options for Student Excellence) mentors who were committed to mentoring junior and senior high school students throughout Kern County.  This passion for mentoring young women evolved into the Bakersfield Women’s Business Conference which has allowed tens of thousands of women the opportunity to come together for one powerful day of encouragement, learning, goal setting and professional development.  It is a day designed to lean on one another and provide countless opportunities for local women.

The Executive Board of the Bakersfield Women’s Conference would like to thank you for your continued consideration in supporting our efforts.  We look forward to working with you to expand the Conference, fortify our mentoring program, and in helping to ensure that this day is beyond compare!


Norma Rojas-Mora
2019 Conference Chair

For questions please contact us at (661)378-4707 or email bwbcsponsorships@gmail.com