R.O.S.E. Mentor Program


In 1994, Dr. Bobbie George, Emeritus Faculty of Cal State University of Bakersfield, created the idea of the R.O.S.E. Mentor program (Realizing Options for Student Excellence).  Dr. George was a driving force behind the program from its inception.  It was developed to support young women in their Junior and Senior years of high school.  The students in the program are selected by their high school counselors because they demonstrate potential for success.  It is believed that they will benefit from mentoring and career building activities.

The program consists of several seminars for mentors and mentees covering a wide range of topics such as Health & Fitness, Preparation for Speaking in Public, and Finance Management Tips.   The seminars are designed to help participants better recognize their value and self-worth. Funding is provided to cover all costs of the events and activities for the mentees, including the cost of attending the Bakersfield Women’s Business Conference.  There is no cost to the student mentees.

The adult mentors act as role models to encourage students to formulate and set goals, and to continue their education through high school graduation, and beyond.  Additionally, mentors and their R.O.S.E. students meet once or twice a month between January and May.  These informal get-togethers give mentors and students the opportunity to develop a deeply supportive and trusting relationship.  The women who take on the role of the mentor consistently remark that they receive as much from the program as the students they mentor.

Over the years, approximately 1,000 high school students have had the opportunity to shadow an adult mentor.  We are in need of ROSE mentors so, if you would like to give back to a young lady, please contact the ROSE coordinator – Susan Spears (661-428-5141) or stop by the ROSE Mentoring booth during the Bakersfield Women’s Business Conference.

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ROSE Mentees @ 2015 Conference