Is it too Late to Make a Meaningful Career Change?

Robin Mangarin-Scott

Presentation Summary: After an award-winning 25-year career in broadcast news, Robin Mangarin-Scott changed the channel with a new career in healthcare. Find out what inspired Robin to leave a successful job and take a leap of faith into a whole new field, finding success and fulfillment on the other side. This interactive presentation will unlock the hidden skills and passions that could lead to your next career.

Key Learning Points:
1) Not just a paycheck - How to find what fulfills your purpose and passion.
2) Getting started. How to take that important first step to a job change.
3) How to turn who you are into a job you love.

Employer Return on Investment:
1) Help your team tap into the job they find meaningful.
2) Develop purpose-driven employees.
3) Empowerment and confident.