Becoming the Leader You Always Wished You'd Had

Nikki Henry

Presentation Summary:  Have you ever had that boss that you just could NOT believe was promoted to a leadership role? Every time they called a meeting there was a collective groan across the office? DON'T BE THAT BOSS. In this workshop, we're going to do the nitty-gritty work on how YOU can be the leader you always wished you'd had. We'll work on communicating effectively, setting clear expectations, motivating others, and building the right team vibe.

Key Learning Points:
1) You'll leave knowing how to run effective and productive meetings that actually increase your team's success.
2) You'll walk out of our workshop with a bright, shiny, CLEAR, and ACTIONABLE goal-setting tracker to implement with your team immediately.
3) You'll learn what it takes to engage and motivate your team across strengths, generations, and gender, helping you increase talent retention ASAP.


Employer Return on Investment:
1) Increased employee engagement.
2) Decreased employee turnover.
3) Improved workplace culture.