Communicate Your Value in Less Than 30 Seconds

Mary Cravets

Presentation Summary: What happens when a potential client asks you, “So… what you do?” If you’re like most business owners, you may start frantically thinking you need to explain how your business works.  You want to create interest in the person you’re speaking with AND communicate your value so they’re willing to pay you what you’re worth.  That’s a LOT of pressure. But there IS a better way. What if you could communicate the value of what you do quickly, concisely, and confidently?

Key Learning Points:
1) Create an introduction that clearly communicates your value and immediately gets an ideal client’s attention so they say, “I need you!”
2)  Explore smart strategies to leverage your introduction and create magnetic marketing to attract great clients everywhere: in person, on the web, social media, in print and more.

3) Learn how to skyrocket your business by adding a simplified client generation system designed to double your income and cut your work hours in half.