A Woman’s Guide to Staying Fit and Injury-Free at All Ages

Dr. Aniebiet-Abasi Udofia

Presentation Summary: Sports and fitness injuries are on the rise in this country for a variety of factors. In this seminar from Adventist Health Bakersfield you will learn about some of the most common injuries that women suffer, from high school athletes to weekend warriors. You will also learn about the latest treatment options for arthritis. Dr. Aniebiet-Abasi Udofia is the only female orthopedic surgeon in Kern County. She received her sports medicine fellowship at the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic Orthopedic and Rheumatologic Institute.

Key Learning Points:
1) The most common injuries women suffer while participating in sprots and fitness activities.
2) Treatment and prevention options for the most common sports injuries.
3) Treatment and prevention options for arthritis.

Employer Return on Investment:
1) Injury prevention keeps employees at work and reduces healthcare costs.
2) Uncontrolled rheumatoid arthritis carries a high cost for employer.
3) Minimally invasive treatment options reduce time off work for recovery.