C-9:  Communication and Women: The Habits, Traps, and Benefits

Andrea D. Thorson

Presentation Summary:   A history of oppression has led women into a workplace with a communication system that was not initially made for them nor easily accepting of them. While unveiling the communication traps that have been strategically set for us, this presentation will explore common female communication habits and provide useful alternatives. The presentation will also focus on the unique beauty and power that exists in female communication and how it can serve to benefit all.

Key Learning Points:
1) Participants will learn the impact of common non-verbal and verbal communication on perceptions of power, competence, vulnerability, fairness, and confidence.
2) Participants will be provided several research-based communication tools.
3) Participants will establish an appreciation for the unique benefits of female communication.

Employer Return on Investment:
1) Participants will be provided a better understanding of how perception is altered by communication.
2) Participants will have a greater ability to self-monitor, adjust behavior, monitor impacts, and alter their work outcomes to a more agreeable end.
3) Participants will walk away with a tool box of solutions and skills that can be used to increase perceptions of confidence, competence, fairness, power, and professionalism.