Do It Afraid: Conquer Your Fears by Learning to Embrace Them

Adrianne Hillman

Presentation Summary: Do It Afraid®: We are being dishonest with ourselves when we substitute the word FEARLESS for the word COURAGEOUS. If we are truly doing hard things which require courage, then fear is inevitably part of the process. During this workshop, attendees will learn how to identify their deepest fears, then learn to harness those fears to move forward in the areas of their lives where they are stuck. Each attendee will receive the tools necessary make decisions with confidence.

Key Learning Points:
1) Law of Attraction: What you resist is what will persist.
2) Learn how to identify how your fears are holding you back.
3) Learn how to harness your fear to propel you into the next big step.

Employer Return on Investment:
1) Employees will learn how to make integrity-based decisions in the workplace, rather than fear based ones. This leads to more workplace harmony and job satisfaction for employees.
2) By learning to utilize one's fears, employees may inspire others to follow their lead.
3) Leaders within the organization will use less authoritarian tactics when managing subordinates when not driven by fear, thus creating a more satisfying work environment for all.