A Message from Our Chair

” A New You Starts Now!”  

A focus on purposewellness and strength which embodies the balance in our lives to start a new journey.

We invite  you to join us  for the 2018 Bakersfield Women Business Conference where women are inspired to reflect and encouraged to make life changing decisions .  We are thrilled to have  Laila Ali as our Keynote Speaker to share her amazing story as a  professional boxer and the new shift to family and wellness advocate.

You’ll gain so much from the workshop sessions and the opportunity to network with a great group of talented and inspiring women.  Our professional workshop speakers are carefully selected to bring an exceptional learning experience to each of you.

I would like to share how the Women’s Conference impacted my life.  My new journey started five years ago when I attended a Conference Session titled “How to Start a New Business”.  The session was engaging and so informative.  We were provided with an overwhelming list of resources, support and networks available right here in our community.   Sitting in a room of over 100 women all thinking about starting a business was the inspiration and tipping point for me.  That same year,  I resigned on my 25th anniversary from a Fortune 500 Company and decided to start my own business.    I’ve been a new business owner for four years now and it has been one of the most rewarding decision and experience ever.

So,  if you are looking to start a new career, a new business, a new skill, a new health and fitness plan or to meet someone new.   I starts here!

We appreciate your support and look forwarding to seeing you at the conference!

Diane Williams CPCU, MBA
2018 Conference Chair
Farmers Insurance Agency Owner